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How To Create Your Blog in 10 Minutes

Do you want to learn how you can create your own blog in just 30 minutes and 100% FREE?

Blog is a powerful marketing tool used by most successful online entrepreneurs all over the world today.

If you have blog, you can promote your business online can reach all nationalities to offer your business.

This will the online presence of your business on the internet.

Thru blog, you can automate the most important process of your business like prospecting, presenting, follow-up, collecting payments until delivery of your product.

Follow these simple steps below if you want to create your blog today in just 10 minutes.

Step 1: Create a gmail account at or go to then click gmail on the top.
Step 2: If you have already your gmail account, goto
Step 3: Click Sign In
Step 4: Enter your Username & Password
Step 5: On the Blogger Profile, Create a Limited Blogger Profile
Step 6: Fill up Display Name
Step 7: Click Continue to Blogger
Step 8: At the bottom click Create New Blog
Step 9: Fill up the Title and Address of your blog or URL
Step 10: Click Create Blog

Congratulations you just created your blog !!!

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