Facebook Marketing In Your Business

Before using the internet to market your business, it is better to learn first the reasons why people use the internet.

The following are the main 3 reasons why people are online:

  • Information – People read tutorials/training, news articles or e-books.
  • Entertainment – People watch videos in youtube, listen to music and read entertaining articles.
  • Help – People are looking for articles how to solve their problems.

Some people are visiting the internet because they want to earn money, to be physically attractive and healthy. If you notice today, if you want to apply for a job, you can easily apply online.

Facebook is the best market place on the internet today because of the following reasons:

  • Facebook is the biggest social networking in the planet.
  • As of October 11, 2015 it is the 2nd most visited site next to Google.
  • It has billions of users worldwide.
  • Around 757 million users visit Facebook daily.
  • Philippines has 30 million Facebook users.
  • Almost all your friends have Facebook accounts.

It’s about time to use Facebook in your business but there are basic skills you need to  apply in order to do the ethical ways in promoting your opportunity in Social Media. One thing you should avoid in Facebook Marketing is to hype your prospects. Don’t ever do it that way.  You must know the right approach in using Facebook to promote your product or opportunity.

Sa facebook marketing dapat mong malaman na hindi lahat ng tao ay pinapakitaan mo ng product or business opportunity mo dahil may kasabihan ang mga online marketer experts na, “If you are marketing to everyone, then you are marketing to no one”.

Dapat yung mga interested prospect lang sa business mo ang dapat pakitaan mo ng offer mo at magagawa mo yan sa pamamagitan ng tamang paraan at hindi dapat yung old schools na ginagawa ng karamihan. Hindi dapat post ka lang ng post sa facebook wall mo dahil kadalasan dyan ay walang papansin sa ads mo.

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